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Family Law Attorney in Canonsburg, PA

Dealing with legal family matters can be stressful. You need a family law attorney in Canonsburg, PA, who treats you with integrity and compassion. MariAnn Hathaway offers straightforward legal advice for divorce and family law that aims to place you and your loved ones in the best possible situation after a family law dispute.

Family Law

In family law, most issues are interconnected in some way due to the intricate nature of family relationships and property ownership. When you're looking for a family lawyer, it's important to work with an experienced professional who understands the multitude of connections in family law and which legal processes apply to specific situations. Depend on Ms. Hathaway for support with:

  • Divorce Law

  • Property & Asset Division

  • Division of Pensions, 401(k) Accounts & Other Retirement Accounts

  • Child Custody & Visitation

  • Questions Related to Child Support & Spousal Support

  • Adoptions

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Seeking Protection from Abuse Orders (PFAs) for You or on Behalf of Your Children

  • Defending Against PFAs to Keep the Final Order from Being Entered

If you're facing a stressful family law matter, contact the Law Office of MariAnn Hathaway in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania today to begin moving forward.

Don't Take on Your Legal Situation Alone

Divorce Law

Divorces frequently turn into painful and acrimonious situations, especially when there are children involved. As your dedicated family law attorney, Ms. Hathaway strives to maintain civility in the divorce proceedings and produce an amicable settlement. She aims to reach an agreement out of court; however, she will also aggressively pursue your interests at trial.

If you are the spouse planning to initiate divorce proceedings, contact Ms. Hathaway before filing paperwork. This will give you extra time to gather assets, collect important documents, and come up with an exit strategy.

Asset Separation

Divorce means more than the end of a marriage; it's also the end of a way of life to which you've grown accustomed. During divorce proceedings, you and your spouse must agree on how to divide your marital assets, thereby influencing your future financial framework and the life you lead post-divorce. This process often involves intense emotions regarding who receives which assets.

Ms. Hathaway is here to help you determine which assets are most important and help you choose your battles wisely. She provides professional legal services tailored to your specific needs. She'll negotiate firmly to achieve an equitable division of assets and place you in a strong financial situation.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial documents simplify the divorce process by determining the division of assets in advance. However, in some cases, spouses attempt to have the prenuptial agreement ruled invalid by the court. If your spouse is challenging your prenuptial agreement, MariAnn Hathaway can help you meet that challenge. She will aggressively defend your prenuptial agreement, helping ensure that it is upheld in court.

Contact Ms. Hathaway today for all of your legal needs. She is proud to serve her clients in Canonsburg and McMurray, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas.