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Workers' Compensation Attorney in Canonsburg, PA

Going through the workers' compensation system can make you feel overwhelmed and powerless; some people even find the system unfair. Trust MariAnn Hathaway to protect your rights and ensure that your case receives proper attention with representation for disability law and workers' compensation in Canonsburg, PA.

Helping Injured Workers

In the past, employees injured on the job had to sue their employers to receive any form of compensation. The workers' compensation system was introduced to be a trade-off for both parties—it has been called the great compromise. Workers could expect quick and fair compensation in exchange for waiving their right to sue. Employers could expect protection from legal liability in exchange for providing workers' compensation insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, this trade-off is often a trade-away for injured workers. Employers and insurance companies have a vested interest in denying or strictly limiting claims. As a result, what should have been an easy process for workers often turns into a bureaucratic nightmare. If you are filing a workers' compensation claim or appealing a rejected claim, you need a strong legal advocate.

Don't Suffer in Silence

Decades of Experience

You can depend on an attorney who has been dealing with workers' compensation and disability law in Pennsylvania for more than 20 years. MariAnn Hathaway's career began with defending against fraudulent workers' compensation claims. During this time, she learned the legal strategies that insurance companies use to deny and limit claims, and, more importantly, she learned how to work around these strategies. She draws on this unique perspective to help injured workers seek the compensation they deserve.